StreamSports is a sports film production company that provides parents, coaches, teams, and players with high definition footage of their sport’s games. Parents can sit back, relax and cheer their team on while our professional film crew captures every minute of every game. After the game you will be able to view your game from your team’s private page, you may even download the file to keep.

At StreamSports we come from sporting backgrounds and have vast experience playing and coaching at the highest levels. We understand the importance of high quality sports footage as a coaching tool for improving teams, developing players, and capturing highlights. Our professional cameramen know how to capture a team’s movements and plays so that is visually pleasing as well as effective for coaches, players, and parents. We make it easy for you to download and view your games. Our crew makes game highlights even more special when the game film goes to the production studio for the end of tournament or season highlight reel.

We offer a range of services and packages at a fantastic value.  To see our range of packages please click here or contact us (855) 839 – 3676 if you have any questions or custom requests.

Let us capture every highlight!